Daedric Translation Aid

Welcome to my Morrowind page. At the moment it is only the home to my Daedric Translation Aid. I know that it's quite easy to learn the alphabet, and there are plenty of translation tables out there, however I thought it would be a nice little tool to have around, when you're feeling lazy. The tool allows you to click the Daedric characters and will display the equivalent translated character.

Click here to start the Daedric Translation Aid

Rather than simply listing the characters alphabetically I have tried to arrange them by 'form' to make it easier to find the character you are looking for. It works for me, but if you have suggestions about the layout let me know by emailing me using my online contact form.

Big thanks go to Dongle for his work on the Oblivion font on which the character graphics are based. Also thanks to the the Imperial Library for some excellent information on the character set as well.